Gradient work with Charente on ERP implementation

Charente (now Harrison Maritime) is a group of companies with a long tradition in the nautical sector. Having recently selected a new ERP system and with little in-house expertise or resource they knew they would need an experienced partner to assist them with the implementation.

Having developed a close working relationship with Gradient during the selection and understanding the benefit of working with ERP systems experts Charente again turned to Gradient to assist with the ERP implementation.

How we helped

Gradient led the implementation project, working closely with Charente’s internal teams and the system vendor, across all three of their UK sites, in Liverpool, North Shields and the manufacturing plant in Birmingham.



  • Gradient project managed the whole project lifecycle for all sites, from initial planning to go live at the final site. This project management provided Charente with a consistent, structured environment in which the solution could be implemented across the three separate sites.
  • A senior Gradient consultant managed the strategic direction of the project, and provided support in resolving any issues between the client and vendor.
  • Gradient also provided implementation support in areas such as data loading, report writing, document formatting, and system personalisation.


  • The Charente Group was able to benefit from Gradient’s tried and tested ERP implementation process when they had no experience of managing such a large scale project themselves.
  • The collective experience of Gradient’s project team allowed Charente’s limited resources to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business.
  • The software will deliver efficiencies across all areas of the group from inventory control and the planning of the manufacturing operations through to sales and customer service.

Charente now has an integrated business system that covers all three of its group companies bringing significantly improved processes and management control.