Taylor get ERP implementation help from Gradient

Taylor had been working on an ERP implementation of Infor’s CloudSuite for a number of months, with a project team of key users and consultants.  The objective being to replace a disparate range of legacy systems with a single ERP package.

As the planned go live date approached, there was increasing concern about the risk to the business of deploying a system before they were ready.  In addition, the actual cutover process, for a business and internal team new to this type of project, was proving challenging to manage.

How we helped


Due to Gradient’s detailed knowledge of both ERP implementations and the product concerned, we were able to guide the team through the process, taking the system live only one month later.




  • Gradient Consulting spent time understanding the objectives of the project, functional requirements and the current status in terms of testing, training, data and reporting.
  • Test scripts were created, in line with the above, and were worked through with teams from each functional area.
  • Detailed plans were created and a formal cutover document developed so that all members of the team understood the steps required to take the system live.
  • Trackers were put in place, providing visibility of tasks and progress.



  • Taylor were able to commit to the go-live date in the assurance that risks had been mitigated and all activities were planned and scheduled.
  • The internal team were refocused on those tasks that added value to the project.
  • Vendor consultants could be effectively utilised to address piloting issues as they occurred.
  • The business was able to introduce a new ERP product with minimal impact on the business.