Gradient work with Finlays on ERP implementation project

When Finlays old ERP system was no longer being supported a comprehensive business process review lead them to choose Microsoft Dynamics AX as the replacement. However they felt that they would still benefit from some external support for the ERP implementation.

The Project Board took a decision to work with Gradient Consulting who would be engaged to project manage the implementation in conjunction with the ERP vendor.

How we helped

Gradient Consulting project managed the implementation for Finlays, working closely with the Project Board, the Senior Process Owners, and co-ordinated the activities of the ERP vendor and the complex third party systems requirements.



  • Gradient Consulting project managed the implementation for Finlays, from the initial project plans through to Go-Live, ensuring that tasks were completed and milestones met.
  • Co-ordinated the activities of the 3rd party vendors who were used to develop specialised software to support EDI, data migration from the legacy system and the provision of information regarding systems interfaces on automated production machinery.
  • Supported user training by working with the vendor who provided the specialist knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX software.
  • A combination of Finlays’ internal IT resources and the ERP Vendor developed customised business intelligence reporting.


  • Systems Integration – Integration of multiple systems, databases and key spreadsheets, has eliminated re-keying, data errors and multiple versions of the same information.
  • BI Analysis – systems integration has centralised Finlay’s data, improving access, speed of reporting and the accuracy of business information.
  • Business Integration – Integration of business functions such as Sales and Plant Maintenance, not previously covered by the ERP system, has improved forecasting, planning and the overall visibility of manufacturing operations.

Finlays now has a modern ERP system on which to operate and the ability to adapt the ERP software as the business develops, in response to increased business complexity in an aggressive, competitive marketplace.