Gradient assist ASL in complex ERP Implementation

ASL determined that to manage a rapidly growing, diverse  business spread across multiple locations it was essential to invest in an ERP system to replace their internally developed bespoke systems. They ran a selection project in the spring of 2011  and began the ERP implementation soon after.

Although training and workshops commenced straight-away, the ERP implementation started to stall as a result of the complexity of the business, the lack of strategic direction, resourcing issues and conflicting priorities. After a period of time it became apparent that the project would fail unless something was done and ASL turned to Gradient Consulting to provide the solution.

How we helped

Airline Services ERP Implementation

After an initial consultation with senior management, Gradient Consulting introduced a three-person project team focusing on: strategic direction and solution definition, training plans and process documentation, B.I. and reporting requirements.


  • The starting point involved re-defining the overall system solution to ensure that each element fitted together and to provide a framework for the ERP implementation
  • This was followed by a period of process mapping covering every aspect of the business to determine how it would fit into the overall solution
  • This was then compared to the software solution that had been determined previously to highlight gaps, inconsistencies, complexity etc resulting in clarity of direction for the project
  • Once the solution was agreed the implementation was re-started, with more focus, direction and resource commitment from ASL
  • Involvement is now continuing to ensure that ASL obtain all of the anticipated benefits from the solution and to focus on broadening the system to cover areas of the business originally out of scope.


  • A failing ERP implementation project was successfully re-launched and is now live and delivering business benefit – with the system being seen as providing competitive advantage in a tough marketplace
  •  ASL is now running on a single fully-integrated system, providing full visibility across the business and delivery a substantial cash-flow benefit
  • Internal resource can now be focused on value-adding tasks rather than administrative activities providing rewards both for the business and the individuals