M&I chose Gradient for ERP projects assistance

When Manchester-based M&I Materials needed to undertake a series of major business systems improvement projects they realised that they would need some expert help to support them through the process in order to meet the objectives that they had set.

Following a recommendation M&I contacted Gradient to assist them with their systems projects. Over a period of two years Gradient worked with M&I to help them select and implement an ERP system followed by the selection and integration of a separate CRM system.

How we helped

Gradients role was to lead M&I through the varied system improvement projects that would support the objectives of each division. M&I required support at various levels including project direction, project consultancy and implementation support.



  • Gradient managed the various systems projects which included the selection of an ERP system suitable for both business divisions, followed by the implementation from initial planning to go live.
  • Gradient managed the strategic direction of the projects, the day-to-day project management and provided implementation support in areas such as data loading, report writing, document formatting, and system personalisation.
  • The success of that project led to Gradient being involved in the integration of a separate CRM system.


  • Working with a trusted partner gave M&I Materials the confidence to instigate the business systems projects they knew they needed for growth and profitability when they had no experience of managing such projects themselves.
  • Gradient’s methodology and support provided M&I with a consistent, structured approach which proved valuable across the various projects which were undertaken.
  • The software continues to deliver efficiencies across both business divisions from sales and customer service through to factory management and inventory control.


M&I now has an integrated business system that covers both its business divisions bringing significantly improved processes and management control.