Some TLC for your ERP!

You wouldn’t buy a car, run it day in and out, and expect it to still be in the same condition as when you bought it. Your ERP system is no different. It works tirelessly to make your business more efficient, so it should come as no surprise that your system needs regular health checks.

That’s why Gradient Consulting has introduced ERP MOT. Have there been changes in your requirements, the business strategy or structure of the business? Has there been a knowledge drain when key users have left the business, or have you noticed your employees going back to using spreadsheets rather than using the system?

ERP MOT – How it works

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If people are working against the system rather than with it, then now is the time for an ERP MOT – and that’s where we can help.

Tools at the ready

Our unique health check has three stages:

  • Preparation will give us a clear understanding of your business. We’ll carry out a strategic review to work out where the business is going and how your system should support you.
  • Inspection comes next. Employees who use the ERP system will be invited to complete an in-depth on-line survey designed to gather feedback on how they use the system.
  • Results will combine the findings of the review and the survey into a comprehensive summary report.

Back on the road

Gradient Consulting will present you with an action plan which details the steps needed to ensure your ERP system meets your latest objectives, re-engages users, removes inefficiencies and safeguards your investment. Our specially designed ERP.MOT ensures your system remains as hard-working and dedicated to your business as you are.

Click here to get the leaflet or get in touch with Gradient Consulting on 01282 463710 now to ensure your ERP system is fighting fit.