We have helped companies that…


  • Aircraft wing components
  • Specialist composite materials and laminates
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Electronic cigarettes


  • Cruise ships
  • Stately homes and racecourses
  • Vehicle breakdown services


  • Wind farms
  • Airport ground operations


  • Passenger aircraft cabin interiors
  • Marine navigational equipment


  • Solar panels
  • Commercial window blinds
  • Nautical charts


  • Woollen fleeces for spinning
  • Tea for blending
Some of our recent clients are shown below and highlight our expertise in working across a broad range of industries and business sectors. Hover your mouse over the company logo for a brief description of the company and the project.
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Buoyant Upholstery

  • Manufacturing (Furniture)
  • ERP System Selection
Buoyant Upholstery produce a wide range of sofas and chairs sold through wholesalers and large furniture retailers Their current system was 15 years’ old,  designed for a much smaller business, and was no longer being developed. Buoyant had strong growth plans, supported by a recent venture capital investment, and so invited Gradient to assist them with their ERP system selection project.


CN Creative

  • Manufacturing
  • ERP System Selection
Successful electronic cigarette manufacturers CN Creative (now a subsidiary of BAT) spent many months independently investigating replacements for their outdated business systems. After many vendor demonstrations and no confirmed short list they turned to Gradient Consulting for assistance.
Working with the CN Creative project team Gradient Consulting structured approach helped to define system requirements, identify suitable vendors and organise tailored demonstrations.


Viking River Cruises - Hospitality and Travel

Viking River Cruises

  • Hotels & Leisure
  • ERP System Validation
Viking River Cruises is a market leading river cruise operator. To cope with the expected growth Viking had selected an application originally designed for ocean cruises.
A team from Gradient worked at VCR head office in Basel to understand and document their complex requirements and mentored the project team on how to conduct structured tests for each module and feed the results back into the design of the system.



CAV Aerospace

  • Manufacturing (Aerospace)
  • ERP Global Rollout / Integration
CAV took the opportunity of using a planned upgrade of their ERP system to drive through process improvements across the business sites and divisions. What was key was the need to align systems with processes underlined by the correct behaviours to deliver business improvement. This project was supported by the ERP vendor and Gradient Consulting.


Lilley & Gillie

  • Manufacturing (nautical equipment and charts)
  • ERP Selection and Implementation
Lilly & Gillie Ltd (originaly part of Charente / Harrison Maritime) have 100 year tradition in marine navigation and are a leading manufacturer of nautical equipment and supplier of charts and navigation software.
Having developed a close working relationship with Gradient during the ERP selection Charente again turned to Gradient to assist with the ERP implementation. Gradient led the implementation project, across all three of their UK sites, in Liverpool, North Shields and the manufacturing plant in Birmingham.

S Promethian


  • Manufacturing / Service
  • Global ERP Projects
When classroom technology leader Promethean realised that their business systems could no longer meet the needs of a rapidly growing company they looked for a partner to help them manage their global system improvement projects.
Promethean decided they needed professional and independent assistance. Following a recommendation they engaged with Gradient who assisted with the system selection and then went on to manage their implementation and improvement projects in the UK, USA and China.


S Holker Hall

Holker Group

  • Hospitality / Leisure / Manufacturing
  • ERP System Selection
The family-run Holker Group of companies encompasses a diverse range of successful businesses including Holker Estates, Holker Hall and Gardens, Cartmel Racecourse, holiday parks, and Burlington Stone Quarries.
The management team decided to select an ERP system in order to run as much of the organisation as possible on one integrated system. The Holker Group chose Gradient Consulting to help them with this challenging task.

S Finlays

Finlay Beverages

  • Process Manufacturing (Food & Drink)
  • ERP System Implementation
When Finlays old ERP system was no longer being supported a comprehensive business process review lead them to choose Microsoft Dynamics AX as the replacement. However they felt that they would still benefit from some external support for the ERP implementation.
The Project Board took a decision to work with Gradient Consulting who were engaged to project manage the implementation in conjunction with the ERP vendor.

Natural Power logo

Natural Power

  • Service / Projects
  • ERP System Selection
Wind farm management company Natural Power found their existing systems could not satisfy their requirements for future growth. They chose Gradient Consulting to guide them through the ERP system selection process.
Gradient worked with Natural Power to set up their project teams and led them through a structured process of specification, demonstration, and selection activities required to choose the correct system.

S ASL - Logo

Airline Services

  • Aviation Services
  • ERP System Implementation
Airline Services Limited are a highly respected supplier of services to the aviation industry. They turned to Gradient when their  ERP implementation project began to stall.
Gradient Consulting got the project back on track by focusing on strategic direction and solution definition, training plans and process documentation, B.I. and reporting requirements.


M & I Materials

  • Manufacturing (Specialist Materials)
  • ERP  / CRM projects
When Manchester-based M&I Materials needed to undertake a series of major business systems improvement projects they realised that they would need some expert help to support them through the process.
Gradient worked with M&I to help them select and implement an ERP system followed by the selection and integration of a separate CRM system.


S Lebus


  • Manufacturing (Uphlostery)
  • ERP System Selection / Implementation
Lebus are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of sofas and suites. They chose Gradient to assist with their ERP selection project which had highly specific requirements. Gradient were then invited to project manage the implementation of the new system.
S Westgate

Westgate Group

  • Industrial Partitions (Supply and Installation Services)
  • ERP System Selection
Established in 1977, Westgate Group supplies and installs a range of traditional and innovative partitioning and screening products for construction and industry.
Gradient Consulting worked with Westgate to select a new ERP system using a specifically taillored approach which allowed Westgate to manage some activities themselves while still benefitting from Gradient’s experience.

S Attwater

Attwater Group

  • Manufacturing (Industrial Laminates)
  • ERP System Selection / Implementation
Preston-based Attwater Group are a leading manufacturer of industrial laminates to the aerospace, rail, automotive, and defence industries. Gradient worked with Attwater to select an ERP system which would meet their highly specific production planning requirements.
Gradient were then invited to project manage the implementation of the chosen system MS Dynamics AX

S Diploma

Diploma PLC

  • Manufacturing / Supply of speciaised technical products
  • ERP Implementation Strategy
Diploma PLC is an international group of businesses supplying specialised technical products and services.
Gradient worked with Diploma PLC advising on ERP implementation strategy during the roll-out of new ERP systems to their UK and European manufacturing companies.