Using systems to support a sustainable business

Sustainability is not just about ‘being green’ and it’s not just about compliance with up and coming regulations.  Sustainability brings together strategies to ensure optimal performance related to the business, the environment, and society. Although it is not widely known Aberdeen Group research has shown that a well-implemented and managed sustainability strategy can deliver a tangible positive impact to a company’s bottom line. Basically, sustainability is about doing more for less.

Gradient believe that ERP and other systems technologies can play a major role in achieving a sustainability agenda. Your current business systems, plus a range of bolt-on modules, can effectively and efficiently support your activities so that sustainability becomes part of the core of your business rather than something that is done on the fringes.

Sustainability – How we can help

As with all of our services we tailor our projects to meet the specific needs of the business and in the area of sustainability this is even more important as it means different things to different people. A starting point will be to get an understanding of your aims and objectives so that we can identify the best way forward and the tools and methods to apply.

Options can include a number of approaches:


Gradient are now the only organisation in the UK trained to implement the SMARTweb application. SMARTweb is a cloud based tool, developed by Village Green Global Inc., that allows organisations to monitor performance and efficiencies for their assets and measure and track their carbon footprint.

This is achieved by:

  • Conducting an initial benchmarking audit, which collects all the information regarding your business energy usage and energy using assets.
  • These are then entered onto SMARTweb
  • SMARTweb then produces a report based on this information which contains detailed accounts of your energy consumption along with recommendations on how to reduce cost and emissions
  • Any or all recommendations are implemented
  • SMARTweb is then used to monitor continuous improvement

There are several benefits to this:

  • It enables companies to report on their mandatory and voluntary regulatory compliance
  • It will provide recommendations to companies on how they can make significant savings annually through asset and energy management
  • It will allow businesses to evidence Carbon emission reduction, which in turn allows them to recognise the reductions as carbon credits, therefore generating a new asset class for the company

Sustainability Framework

This is a sector specific diagnostic tool that, through interviews and site visits, identifies areas across the business where improvements could be made from a sustainability perspective. It looks at every aspect of the business, along with the functionality of your ERP package and other systems, to address such areas as planning, procurement, logistics etc. The output of this will be a report of recommendations that can be used to drive further activity.

Compliance Tools

The legislation surrounding sustainability is rapidly changing and it is challenging for businesses to ensure they are compliant. We have a partnership with the leading provider of compliance monitoring packages to ensure that your business is always ahead of the game.


  • Using technology to do more for less & delivering positive bottom-line impact
  • Ensuring sustainability is at the core of what you do
  • Having tools in place to provide robust measurements & reports
  • Ensuring that your business is legally compliant

Gradient believe that ERP and other technologies can play a major role in achieving a sustainability agenda. One that can actually make a positive impact on the business not only in terms of its sustainability but also its profitability.