The key to a successful ERP implementation

While it is vital to select an ERP system which is right for your business it’s equally important not to underestimate what it will take to implement your chosen system on time and on budget.  An ERP implementation project should not be approached without understanding whether your business has what it needs to successfully deliver the project in terms of resources, skills and project methodologies.

Few organisations will have all the knowledge and skills needed to implement an ERP system successfully. Most will find that there are significant advantages in seeking some external assistance. Gradient can help you to determine how much support you need and work with you to ensure that your project stays on track and delivers the promised benefits.

ERP Implementation – How we can help

Gradient understand that every client will have different requirements depending on the type of project and the strengths and weaknesses of their implementation team.  Gradient have the experience and flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways to help plan, guide or control the process from full ERP project management through to project assurance and mentoring roles

Project Preparation

  • Failure to plan is planning to fail – Yes it’s a well-worn saying but a successful implementation is directly related to effective preparation. ERP consultants from Gradient can help you define and plan the project in terms of its scope, expected outcomes and team involvement. We will work with your people to analyse their current ways of working in readiness to develop new more efficient processes around the new system.

Project Management

  • A successful project depends on the functional teams being  lead by an experienced project manager.  Working as part of your team a Gradient ERP implementation consultant will bring a blend of ERP project knowledge, industry experience, and people skills that are vital to keep the project running smoothly. We will work closely with the ERP vendor and your team ensuring that planned milestones are met and business objectives achieved

Project Assurance

  • ERP implementations where the risks and issues are not being identified and resolved often go over budget or fail completely. Gradient can work with you in an impartial assurance role to help you identify and monitor those factors critical to the success of the project and so ensuring that it stays on track.


  • Gradient Consulting can also provide mentoring service which will give  an eager but inexperienced member of your staff the opportunity to project manage your ERP implementation, safe in the knowledge that advice and support is always available.

Technical Support

  • A vital part of any successful ERP system implementation is the accurate transfer of existing data into the new system. We have technical skills to help you prepare, cleanse, map and migrate data from the existing to the new system.  Using tools such as Crystal Reports we can help you get the most out of your system data by developing reports and documents to meet your specific business requirements.

 Gradient can help you to determine how much support you need and work with you to ensure that your project stays on track and delivers the promised benefits.