Decision Validation

You may feel that you have sufficient resource and expertise in-house to carry out your own system specification and selection. However it remains a strategic investment and one where you must be confident that you have made the correct choice.

Any major investment would benefit from an independent, external perspective on the thought processes involved. Gradient can work with you on many different levels to help you validate your selection and investment decision making activities.

How we can help

We can help

Gradient understand that there can be times when an independent, external perspective on the process can be reassuring. We can support you at any point in the project so your engagement with us can be as short or as long as you wish depending upon your requirements.


There are a number of ways that Gradient can support you:

Process Validation

We can spend time with your project team reviewing the process followed to date to ensure that it is robust, thorough and inclusive. Outcomes might be the identification of an area of the business not considered, an alternate vendor or solution worth investigating or a process step that would add value.

Solution Validation

Prior to signing with your preferred vendor you may want to ensure that the system you are investing in delivers the required solution so there is complete clarity in what the system will do for you within the defined budget. We will work with your preferred vendor and project team to check responses to documents, questions etc and ensure that everything is fully detailed and understood. This needs to consider whether key requirements are part of standard functionality or will require development and what has been included by way of implementation support.

Investment Validation

Any business system represents a large investment for a majority of businesses and one which they can’t afford to get wrong. We will work with your project team to identify and quantify (where possible) the requirements for a new system and the benefits that should be achieved. By comparing this to likely investment costs (including those incurred internally) we can identify both a likely return on investment along with key performance indicators to ensure the project delivers what is expected.

Gradient can provide an independent, external perspective to help you validate your selection and investment decisions.