Mike Smith

I chose to form Gradient in 1997. Since then, we have successfully helped a range of companies to select, implement and improve their business ERP systems. Our most significant selling point is our reputation. Clients are always willing to provide references and case study material for us. We’re proud that the majority of the work we acquire comes through word of mouth.

We believe that the selection of a new ERP system should begin with your business needs and not with a list of potential software. Our first step is to determine with you, whether you need a new ERP system or more simply, a project to bring the best out of your existing system.

You’ll have personal and expert interaction in all operational aspects of your business to help with business transformation and perhaps, new ways of thinking. Working together as part of your team, our consultants will ensure you execute the project with the right people. More than that, our consultants can call upon other specialist expertise if and when needed from the other members of the team.

Our work over the years has brought us into contact with a large number of software vendors. We have excellent working relationships with the vendors involved in our projects. However, we remain fiercely independent of all of them. Our independence allows us to consider your requirements properly and helps you determine the best vendor for your needs, rather than selecting from a narrow predefined list.

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