About Theo Claassen

Theo is a retired senior business and ERP Consultant with substantial experience and knowledge of manufacturing management, supply chain processes and with wide-ranging ERP/MES solutions and implementation skills.

ERP Process Automation


ERP Process Automation. Be inspired and open your thoughts about how to nurture a knowledgeable and pro-active workforce.

ERP Process Automation2021-04-23T09:12:49+01:00

Keeping The ERP Dream Alive


Keeping The ERP Dream Alive. Be inspired and open your thoughts about instigating continuous improvement programmes after the ERP implementation is complete.

Keeping The ERP Dream Alive2021-04-23T09:14:37+01:00

A Timeline to a Paperless Factory


A Timeline to a Paperless Factory. A ‘paperless world’ was a term first banded round in the 60s and 70s by those who had a vision of the future of office automation making paper redundant.

A Timeline to a Paperless Factory2021-04-28T14:36:27+01:00
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