ERP Selection

ERP Selection

ERP Selection is a part of the entire process that can be the most challenging. The pressure is on for you to choose to work with the right company; this is a decision that you can’t afford to get wrong.

For this reason alone, it is more important than ever to seek out practical, impartial advice to ensure that you choose a system that matches your business needs. Gradient Consulting can provide you with all the help and support you require to be able to select the best software and vendor for you.

See below for further guidance.

Viking River Cruises


ERP Selection Project. Viking River Cruises is a market-leading river cruise operator, boasting a fleet of 37 vessels with plans of doubling that figure over the next few years. Due in part to that phenomenal growth the decision was made to find a solution that could cater to their unique set of requirements.

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CN Creative


ERP System Selection. CN Creative is a North West-based healthcare company providing innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce smoking and smoking-related illnesses. They manufacture a wide variety of products including the hugely successful Intellicig, the electronic cigarette now sold in 26 countries worldwide.

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Natural Power


Project management and ERP system selection support. Having grown since the early ’90s from eight to 280 employees and opened sites across the UK, France and the USA, Natural Power found their existing arrangements of systems could not satisfy their business requirements for future growth.

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CAV Aerospace


ERP optimises global business processes. CAV Aerospace operates from eleven sites around the world. Prior to the project, only the head office sites were on the core ERP system, the remaining eight sites were operating on a range of legacy systems, spreadsheets and locally developed databases.

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Global systems projects. Technology leader Promethean realised that existing business systems could no longer meet the needs of a rapidly growing company expanding into international markets. They looked for a partner to help them manage their system improvement projects which would eventually spread across three continents.




Comapny growth supported by new ERP system. Fever-Tree is a company that has grown rapidly. The company were utilising multiple systems and spreadsheets to manage what was a £100m+ turnover organisation and found that there were silos of information around the business. They could not easily obtain a single version of the truth or a 360° view of their organisation.




Charente get ERP Selection help from Gradient. Charente (now Harrison Maritime) is a group of companies with a long tradition in the nautical sector. There was a requirement to find an ERP system which would allow them to control three diverse sites across the UK, improve efficiencies and promote further growth.


ERP Systems – When DIY is NOT the answer


ERP Systems - When DIY is NOT the answer. They say finding a good plumber is tough as all the good ones are always busy. Well, I’d say it’s pretty much the same finding a business consultant – there are plenty to choose from.

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ERP Project Management for Maximum Results


ERP Project Management for Maximum Results. In ERP project management, you forget people at your peril; they are the key success factor in any business project. Project Management is usually described with the words resource, timescales, budget;

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