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Research has shown that some ERP business information systems fail to deliver the promised benefits. Often companies will prefer to blame 'the system' and live with its perceived shortcomings rather than address the factors required to make it work effectively.

To get the best out of a system it must both meet the needs of its users and work in harmony with your business processes. Gradient can help by providing you with an independent review of your business system and then work with you to help realise its full potential.

ERP System Improvement - How we can help

ERP System Improvement - How we can helpERP System Improvement - How we can help

Gradient believe that the best way to determine system effectiveness is to conduct a comprehensive ERP System Review. That’s why we offer a modular three stage approach which is aimed at all businesses wanting to get more from their current ERP Business System.

The most common ERP problems fall into three categories:

  • The system is not set up correctly and out of step with business processes
  • The system is not being used properly meaning that data is inaccurate
  • The system does not meet the needs of its users

ERP System Audit

ERP System AuditERP System Audit

A new system requires new ways of doing things. For a variety of reasons people may still be holding on to the old ways of working, something which is likely to guarantee the same old results.

  • A Gradient ERP System Audit will measure user satisfaction, investigate whether aspects of system functionality and set-up are hindering performance, and highlight any training or procedural shortcomings. It will also reveal whether there are any old systems or methods still in use which may be in conflict with the current system.

Process Aligment

Process AligmentProcess Aligment

Effective use of a business information system goes hand in hand with efficient business processes. If your business processes are not aligned with the system then it never has the chance to perform well.

  • Using the latest lean thinking Gradient’s ERP consultants can help you streamline your processes and working practices and integrate them with your system.

Maximising Business Benefits

Maximising Business BenefitsMaximising Business Benefits

Going live on your new system should not be the end of the project, it should be the point at which you start realising the benefits.

  • Once all of the issues and challenges have been determined Gradient can assist in implementing the solutions. We will work with you and the system vendor to optimise system performance and use it to drive new ways of working and generate genuinely useful management information.

"Gradient have the experience and flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways to help plan, guide or manage your ERP project."

What our clients say What our clients say

"At the end of the selection process, when we presented to the board, they asked me to pass on thanks to all involved for the thoroughness and professionalism with which the project was handled."

Neil Douglas Director, Natural Power Read More

"We needed to rapidly develop detailed specifications. Gradient Consulting was a tremendous help to us in defining the requirements. Their combination of solid methodology and flexible project management allowed them to deliver a superior result within a very short time-frame. Their project manager Leigh was an invaluable asset to our project."

Andrew Neilson VP Operations/Projects Read More

"On reaching cut-over and implementation phase we felt we lacked the knowledge and professionalism to ensure all our pre implementation effort would not be wasted. Gradient and their expertise allowed us to confidently complete the migration without any lost time or problems."

Andrew Davies Finance Director, Egbert Taylor Read More

Latest Case Studies Latest Case Studies

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Taylor had been working on an ERP implementation of Infor’s CloudSuite for a number of months, with a project team of key users and consultants. The objective being to replace a disparate range of legacy systems with a single ERP package. As the planned go live date approached, there was increasing concern..

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Charente ERP System Selection

Charente (now Harrison Maritime) is a group of companies with a long tradition in the nautical sector. There was a requirement to find an ERP system which would allow them to control three diverse sites across the UK, improve efficiencies and promote further growth.

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Fever-Tree Spec, Select & Implementation Project

Fever-Tree are a company that have grown rapidly as their premium products have quickly become a huge success in the marketplace.  The company were utilising multiple systems and spreadsheets to manage what was a £100m+ turnover organisation and found that there were silos of information around the business.  They could not easily obtain a single version of the truth or a 360o view of their organisation.

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