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An Implementation Partner you can trust

We predict you’re either switching to, or beginning with, a brand new system. Alternatively, the system you have requires upgrading. Either way, we can help.

Now don’t feel overwhelmed by the steps an ERP implementation has. You may have heard that the implementation stage of any ERP project is often the longest and comes with the most risk. We won’t deny that fact. We want you to trust that each step has its purpose of supporting the success of the project. Be assured that choosing to work with Gradient Consulting will mean working with experienced people who can assist you every step of the journey.

A Roadmap to Success: ERP Implementation

Steps of an ERP Implementation infographic
  • Pre-Design

  • Design

  • Build

  • Pilot

  • Optimise

  • Deploy

How can Gradient help?

We understand that every client will have different support requirements depending on the type of project, the availability of resource and the strengths and weaknesses of their implementation team. Gradient has the experience and flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways to help plan, guide or control the process from full ERP project management through to project assurance and mentoring roles.

If you find yourself asking the following questions or if you can align your business with the statements then it might be time to start the process.

  • Which vendor fits best with your company?

  • Are you expected to pay a small fortune for customisation of your current software?

  • Who will help lead the implementation?

  • How will we conquer the fear of change?

  • What business problem do I want a new system to resolve?

  • Business processes are unorganised and not managed

  • Our strategy is unclear

  • We’re yet to find a solution to integrate the software and apps we use daily

  • We have limited visibility of company information

  • You’ve outgrown your system but don’t know where to start with a new one


We’ll help you make an informed decision about your ERP Implementation:

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