Making your ERP system work for you.

Research has shown that ERP business information systems can fail to deliver the promised benefits. Often companies will prefer to blame ‘the system’ and live with its perceived shortcomings. They do this rather than address the factors required to make it work effectively.

An ERP system is one of the biggest stakeholders in your business, and a catalyst for success. If it isn’t working efficiently, neither is your business. The main questions are ‘how do you get the most out of your system?’ and ‘how does it help deliver a better service to your customers?’

To get the best out of a system it must meet the needs of your users and work in harmony with business processes. Gradient can help by providing you with an independent review of your business system and processes, and then work with you to help realise its full potential.

How we help improve your ERP system

Gradient believes that the best way to determine system effectiveness is to conduct a comprehensive ERP system review. That’s why we offer a modular three-stage approach aimed at all businesses wanting to get more from their current ERP business system and deliver the results their business needs.

The most common ERP problems fall into three categories:

  • – The system is out of alignment with business processes
  • – Users do not view the system as a single source of truth and data accuracy
  • – The system does not meet the needs of its users.

As businesses and markets evolve, an ERP system will start to show signs of diverging from alignment and becomes less and less of a business enabler. You wouldn’t run a car day in and day out and expect it to still be in the same condition as when you first bought it. Your ERP system is no different. It works tirelessly to make your business more efficient, so it should come as no surprise that your system needs regular health checks.

A Gradient ERP MOT is a health check of any ERP business system to confirm that it’s still fit for purpose and aims to support the ERP lifecycle from post-go-live onwards.

A system is just an enabler to help deliver a service to the customer. It is the people in the business who make the real difference. Effective use of a business information system goes hand in hand with efficient business processes. If your business processes don’t align with the system, then it never has the chance to perform well. Also, if your team doesn’t have a good understanding of system functionality, then they are unable to optimise its usage.

Using the latest lean thinking, Gradient’s ERP consultants can help you streamline your processes and working practices and integrate them with your system.

Going live on your new system isn’t the end of the process; this is the point at which you start to realise benefits supported by a continuous improvement approach.

Once you determine all of the issues and challenges, Gradient can assist in implementing the solutions. We will work with you and the system vendor to optimise system performance and use it to drive new ways of working and generate genuinely useful management information.  We will also work with your team, using education and our experience, so they develop sustainable skills ready to meet future change.

Why Choose Gradient?

Gradient Consulting is a highly regarded ERP consultancy providing businesses with practical, impartial advice on how to improve their bottom line through better use of ERP and business information systems. Established in 1997 Gradient has built up a formidable reputation for helping companies select, implement, and work better with their information systems.

Through our excellent working relationships with the leading software vendors we have extensive knowledge of the ERP marketplace; however we are well known for remaining fiercely independent. We specialise in ERP so unlike some consultancies it’s not just part of a range of other business improvements activities – it’s what we do. We are friendly and capable so why not give us a call?

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