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Telltale signs its time for your ERP to have an MOT

When you hear the abbreviation ‘MOT’, you think of your car, the same with getting your vehicle serviced. The first apparent reason our vehicle goes through an MOT is the fact it’s a legal requirement. However, servicing is optional. The AA comment on servicing: ‘It can be a false economy to avoid regular car servicing, since expected wear and tear requiring minor maintenance, can fast become a costly major repair or replacement’. The same thing needs to be said for your ERP and business information systems. We want you to understand that your ERP system will not automatically update to reflect changes in your business. Neglecting your systems will leave them out of alignment with your overall business strategy and unable to respond to the needs of your customers.

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Is it time for a system health check?

As businesses and markets evolve, an ERP system will start to show signs of diverging from alignment and becomes less and less of a business enabler. Using the latest lean thinking, Gradient’s ERP consultants can help you streamline your processes and working practices and integrate them with your system. Taking a look at the questions and statements below is the start of the process.

  • There is still a reliance on separate bits of software

  • We waste time entering data

  • You’re using a variety of different systems

  • Re-entry of data occurs within my business

  • We ask multiple people for one piece of information

  • How easy is it to know the state of the business?

  • How difficult is it to produce accurate forecasts?

  • Ultimately, could my business be more competitive?

  • Do we have department/function specific databases?

  • Do we have multiple versions of the truth?

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