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ERP Systems - When DIY is NOT the answer

They say finding a good plumber is tough as all the good ones are always busy. Well I’d say it’s pretty much the same finding Business Consultants – plenty to choose from but not many with the right blend of skills and experience. I was reminded of this dilemma during my recent desire to upgrade our bathroom at home – to DIY or not to DIY.

The question was answered for me when I realised, a bit like implementing a new business system, that yes, I could have a go, probably select and buy the right components, then take an awful long time, definitely make mistakes along the way and, as I was ultimately reminded by my better half, very possibly flood the whole neighbourhood in the process and be without a working bathroom. Not recommended.


We all know of our favourite stories of in-house system implementation projects that started so well at the launch party and then seemed to fail by degrees – thus wasting time and money whilst slowing business growth - a far worse outcome than a bit of a leak here and there.

So, in the interests of domestic harmony I started my search for outside help and I’m pleased to say had a very successful “implementation”, on time, within budget and wow, that new shower is just brilliant. How did that work then, well I’ll share my observations.

  1. Choosing my supplier – to me the absolute key questions here are – did they respond quickly, did they listen to what I wanted and did I feel I could trust them? Good: What sort of shower would you like, Bad: I can fit this small (cheap) one next week.
  2. Clear pricing – once I’d explained what we wanted then it was important to get a fixed price, clearly explained in English not “Plumberish” – Good: Chrome Shower Head and Taps, Bad: Escutcheon screws – box of 10??
  3. A joint effort – more an acceptance that I could still do some DIY – only using their skills and experience where they really add value and are saving me time and money. Good: Yes of course, you can finish all the painting once we’re done, Bad: We are also painters, carpenters, welders and bricklayers – leave it all to us.
  4. Good, impartial advice – I can have what I want, but always good to know what will work best for me, in my situation, in their experience. Good: Yes, I can fit a bigger tray, but I recommend…, Bad: Computer says “No”.
  5. On time delivery – ah - the bane of our lives. But really important for me to know my supplier will turn up as promised and let me know if anything changes. Good: Just ringing/texting to say I’m on my way, Bad: Did I not mention I’m six days behind because…
  6. Persistence – my favourite mantra in business. So of course some things can and will go wrong, but I really don’t want flakiness or lack of application to fix it. Good: Wrestling and sweating for an hour until the shower screen fitted perfectly, Bad: Well, just giving up when it gets a little bit too hard.
  7. Value for money – sticking to the quote and of course only billing me once everyone’s happy. Good: I’ll call you in a few days to check all’s working well, Bad: I don’t take cards.
  8. Guaranteed – more a case of if something is unfinished or isn’t quite as expected, then they’ll come back in and put it right without question. Good: Of course, I’ll drop in later to adjust it, Bad: Welcome to the O2 Voicemail…

So back to my point, choosing the right partner to help you manage what will be a major change for your business can be risky and difficult but by applying a few key rules and testing your chosen consultancy against these you’ll have every chance of success.

Do give us a call to discuss how we can help with your implementation. If you need a good plumber, then we might be able to help there too.

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