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Case Studies

CAV AerospaceCAV Aerospace

How CAV used ERP to optimise global business processes
CAV Aerospace

The Client

CAV Aerospace operates from eleven sites around the world, providing products and services into the aviation sector including the manufacture of major aircraft components and ice protection systems.

The Problem

Prior to the project only the head office sites were on the core ERP system, the remaining eight sites were operating on a range of legacy systems, spreadsheets and locally developed databases.

The Solution

A global roll-out project was launched to implement the latest version of the ERP system into every site and to remove the reliance on localised systems. The project was supported by Gradient Consulting and the system vendor.

CAV took the opportunity of using a planned upgrade of their ERP system to drive through process improvements across the business sites and divisions. What was key was the need to align systems with processes underlined by the correct behaviours to deliver business improvement. This project was supported by the ERP vendor and Gradient Consulting.

By undertaking a company-wide business system integration project CAV were able spread the benefits of their ERP system across all whole organisation bringing operational and financial improvements to the Group.

  • A template solution was defined and this was the basis of review at each site. A Proof of Concept workshop was held and any required deviations from the template were captured. Solutions were then determined and the system implemented.
  • As related sites went live trading relationships were activated reducing manual effort from the users.
  • Processes were documented and shared between sites to support overall operational standardisation.
  • Once all sites were live on the same version a secondary project was instigated to ensure further benefits were achieved.
  • Reduced reliance on multiple system/spreadsheets – eliminating re-keying, data errors and multiple versions of the truth
  • Robust reporting – providing the business with confidence to make decisions and presenting a strong presence to external stakeholders
  • Reduced risk – the business is no longer reliant on information in people’s heads and has clear visibility across the business
  • Future proofing – the business now has a solid platform on which to grow, cope with increasing business complexity and respond to an increasingly aggressive and competitive market

What this client says

The ERP roll out was the first phase of our Business Improvement programme. It has successfully achieved the objective of integrating the different parts of the group from both a financial and operational perspective and has positioned the Group for further profitable growth.

Andrew Porteous

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