A Little Bit About Us

Our business 

Gradient was founded in 1997 by Stephanie Snaith. Since then, we have successfully helped a wide range of businesses, both large and small, to implement and improve their Infor SyteLine business systems. Our most significant selling points are our ethics and reputation.  We build trust with our clients to work closely with them to achieve successful outcomes.  We are proud that the majority of the work we acquire comes through word of mouth. 

We have worked with Infor over a number of years and were appointed an Infor Delivery Partner in 2017. As a result, we have an excellent working relationship with Infor and are trusted by them to support their clients in both implementing and upgrading their SyteLine systems.   

Our people 

From small beginnings, we have now grown our core team to over twenty along with support from a small group of trusted associates. Most of our team have either worked in end user ERP roles using SyteLine or run their own businesses, so can empathise with our client’s issues and bring a strong level of understanding as to how to solve their problems. 

We encourage all team members to allocate time for external training and personal development to ensure we keep abreast of market trends, best practices and the latest Infor SyteLine releases and enhancements.  Despite our growth, we remain agile in our consultants being flexible to client requirements and timings whilst retaining a structured approach to SyteLine projects. 

Our approach 

We believe that the implementation of any ERP system should begin with business needs and not with a list of potential solutions.  Our first step is to determine whether a new ERP system is needed or more simply, whether an improvement or upgrade project would bring the best out of existing systems. 

By choosing Gradient, clients enjoy personal and expert interaction in all operational aspects of their operations to help with business transformation and, perhaps, new ways of thinking.  Working together as one team with both clients and Infor, our consultants ensure all project phases and activities are planned and executed by the right people at the right time.  

Our future  

Looking ahead, in terms of our clients, we are already delivering a number of larger, global projects and we expect this to continue as we seek to expand our reach.  We will continue to stay close to Infor by inviting them to present to us regularly, so we better understand their own direction.  We believe this will keep us ahead of the ERP curve and so benefit all our clients. 

Finally, our team will also grow in both breadth and depth as we build out our technical expertise, broaden our functional knowledge and skills and also strengthen our Help Desk to offer post go-live support to all our clients.   

Why Gradient?


Over 24 years in business.


100+ years industry experience in ERP.


Trusted in our field of expertise.

Get the right help for you and your business.

Contact us or call now on: +44 (0)1282 463 710