SyteLine Implementation

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Here at Gradient, we do things differently!

Firstly, we look at how you are currently working which allows us to assess where we can make maximum efficiencies with regard to your processes and protocols, thus ensuring you see value add from the beginning and throughout the implementation of your Infor SyteLine system.

We have experience in a vast variety of industries such as aerospace, chemicals, precision instruments, automotive and many more.

Our team have all worked in industries at some point in their career (and most have for the majority of it) so we can therefore offer genuine knowledge and real-life experience during the entire implementation.

At the heart of our ethos is you, the people in your team and your goals and objectives. We are a people centric organisation that focuses on transformational change of the business processes which can never be achieved unless all the people come along on the journey.

Our APEX implementation methodology consists of five stages as follows:

Steps of an ERP Selection infographic
  • Pre-Design – determining the high-level project scope for the business.

  • Design – designing the solution reflecting the output of the pre-design stage.

  • Build – build the solution based on the design ready for testing.

  • Pilot – test the system and achieve user acceptance.

  • Deploy – prepare and take live the agreed solution.

Our APEX implementation methodology is supported by our exceptional project management team who ensure budget and time scales are delivered.

If you would like an informal chat about how we can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Get the right help for you and your business.

Contact us or call now on: +44 (0)1282 463 710

How can Gradient help?

No project we work on is the same as the next or the last. We appreciate that every business that chooses to work with us has different requirements.

We will take the time to understand how the business works and what problems and issues need to be resolved in order to implement SyteLine/CSI in a way that works for you.

Before we do that, if you find yourself asking the following questions or if you can align your business with the statements then it might be the right time to work with Gradient on your SyteLine implementation.

  • Our IT team is only small

  • We don’t have a training department

  • Our business process documentation is out of date

  • We’d like some advice on best practice in reorganising our warehouses

  • Our owners need more KPI reporting than we have now

  • How can I improve my team’s use of ERP?

  • Can you advise on how I transform my customer service?

  • Can you help me overcome resistance to change regarding IT?

  • Which way should I introduce finite capacity planning?

  • Where should I start on creating a quality control team?

Our Services


Syteline Installation

Are you installing Syteline for the first time?

At Gradient, we can support you through your installation project.


Syteline Project Management

Do you need some project management support?

Gradient has a team of experts to support you with your project needs.


Syteline Upgrade

Do you need to upgrade Syteline to a new version?

Gradient can help by providing upgrade services.

Get the right help for you and your business.

Contact us or call now on: +44 (0)1282 463 710

We’ll help you implement SyteLine in a way that works for you.

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