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Some of our recent clients are shown below and highlight our expertise in working across a broad range of industries and business sectors.

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icon We have helped companies that...


  • Aircraft wing components
  • Specialist composite materials and
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Premium drink mixers
  • Marine breakaway couplings
  • Intraocular lenses
  • De-icing equipment
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Medical monitoring equipment
  • Industrial textiles
  • Carpets
  • Industrial furnishings


  • Cruise ships
  • Stately homes and racecourses
  • Vehicle breakdown services
  • Global pharmaceutical services
  • Holiday home and lodge services
  • Rail travel


  • Wind farms
  • Airport ground operations
  • Gas-energy power stations
  • Waste management
  • Construction sites
  • Commercial events


  • Passenger aircraft cabin interiors
  • Marine navigational equipment
  • Aircraft exteriors


  • Solar panels
  • Commercial windows blinds
  • Nautical charts
  • Steel precision valves
  • Electronic components
  • Fresh potatoes
  • Industrial window blinds
  • Steel fabrication
  • High-value clothing
  • Educational products
  • Domestic furnishings


  • Woollen fleeces for spinning
  • Tea for blending
  • Nuts & dried fruits
  • Quarrying
  • Metal alloys

Some of our recent clients are shown below and highlight our expertise in working across a broad range of industries and business sectors. Hover your mouse over the company logo for a brief description of the company and the project.

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Viking River Cruises
Airline Services
MandI Materials
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What our clients say

"At the end of the selection process, when we presented to the board, they asked me to pass on thanks to all involved for the thoroughness and professionalism with which the project was handled."

Neil Douglas Director, Natural Power Read More

"We needed to rapidly develop detailed specifications. Gradient Consulting was a tremendous help to us in defining the requirements. Their combination of solid methodology and flexible project management allowed them to deliver a superior result within a very short time-frame. Their project manager Leigh was an invaluable asset to our project."

Andrew Neilson VP Operations/Projects Read More

"On reaching cut-over and implementation phase we felt we lacked the knowledge and professionalism to ensure all our pre implementation effort would not be wasted. Gradient and their expertise allowed us to confidently complete the migration without any lost time or problems."

Andrew Davies Finance Director, Egbert Taylor Read More

Case study Case study

Egbert Taylor - ERP Implementation

Taylor had been working on an ERP implementation of Infor’s CloudSuite for a number of months, with a project team of key users and consultants. The objective being to replace a disparate range of legacy systems with a single ERP package. As the planned go live date approached, there was increasing concern..

read more

Case study Case study

Promethean - Global Systems Project

When technology leader Promethean realised that their business systems could no longer meet the needs of a rapidly growing company expanding into international markets they looked for a partner to help them manage their system improvement projects which would eventually spread across three continents.

read more

Case study Case study

CAV Aerospace - Optimise Global Business Processes

CAV Aerospace operates from eleven sites around the world. Prior to the project only the head office sites were on the core ERP system, the remaining eight sites were operating on a range of legacy systems, spreadsheets and locally developed databases.

read more

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