Successful companies understand that ERP and business information systems can drive growth and profitability.

“Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.”

A business doesn’t change, the people do. The nature of life is that things don’t stay the same, which also applies to a business environment. New markets emerge, new opportunities arise, old customers change, and new customers grow. There comes a time when it becomes increasingly challenging to respond to these changes, things become more difficult to manage, more management time is spent handling situations, and the company is less controlled. Software’s are not fit for purpose and don’t deliver information accurately or efficiently.

Many operational functions of a business do not run as effectively as they could be, resulting in a much less controlled environment. It’s important for operations to run smoothly within a company, or the repercussions could be huge. Although sometimes it’s hard to identify what the problems are and how to deal with them. Here is where we and Enterprise Resource Planning could help you.

ERP systems typically include the following characteristics:

  • The provision of real-time business information

  • An integrated solution, where all key business processes are intrinsically linked

  • A consistent look and feel across all modules

  • Standardised processes based on ‘best practice’

  • A scalable database, supporting a business as it grows and changes

  • A range of different deployment options

Gradient Consulting specialises in helping companies select, implement and improve how they work with their business information systems.

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Are you wanting help with the selection of a new system?

Gradient can provide all the help and support enabling you to select the best software and vendor for your business.

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Do you need help implementing a new system?

Gradient has the flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways. We will help you plan, guide, or control your implementation project.

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Do you need assistance getting the most out of your current system?

Gradient can help by providing an independent review of your business system ultimately helping you realise its full potential.

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Why Choose Gradient?

Gradient Consulting is a highly regarded ERP consultancy providing businesses with practical, impartial advice on how to improve their bottom line through better use of ERP and business information systems. Established in 1997 Gradient has built up a formidable reputation for helping companies select, implement, and work better with their information systems.

Through our excellent working relationships with the leading software vendors we have extensive knowledge of the ERP marketplace; however we are well known for remaining fiercely independent. We specialise in ERP so unlike some consultancies it’s not just part of a range of other business improvements activities – it’s what we do. We are friendly and capable so why not give us a call?

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