Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight path on how to get from point A to point B. So what could help you choose the most appropriate one to follow?

This month Erika Di Santillo talks us through why using a methodology in your Infor SyteLine implementation will bring you success.

A project methodology is defined as a system of methods, principles and rules for managing a project. Not only it can help you manage and minimise risk and control costs more efficiently but it also outlines the course of action to follow, guiding you towards achieving your goal by establishing a common ground for all your projects.


What benefits would following a methodology bring to your SyteLine implementation?

Following a project methodology helps you avoid situations that could lead to an unsuccessful SyteLine implementation. It provides a structure that leads to more clarity in many different areas and gives you the ability to estimate what is required. For example, being clear about the roles and responsibilities within the project team, understanding the business processes and having templates available can ensure that the project timeline is accurate and on schedule, with the adequate resources available and understanding what is expected of them. No need to “re-invent the wheel” for every implementation!

Having a clear path for the implementation, supported by processes used for all projects and a set of standard documents can also ensure that the project can be delivered more quickly, bringing the cost down.

In the current climate, another frequent requirement is the ability to carry out a SyteLine implementation very quickly. A methodology gives you the flexibility and adaptability to achieve all your objectives.

Gradient Consulting has an honest and practical approach, based on real-world experience and recognise that a successful SyteLine implementation project, that truly transforms a business, requires the alignment of people, process and technology. Whether it’s how to configure Factory Track, define your Chart of Accounts or simply show your users how to use Home Pages, a robust implementation plan guarantees success.

Our APEX© methodology

Our APEX© implementation methodology recognises the four key elements that should underpin every phase of a project, no matter its focus:

  • Align the product we deliver and the method we use to your needs and expectations.
  • Process clearly every step of the project, ensuring there is a clear project structure.
  • Engage your business, making sure we work alongside your team, developing a real understanding of the business and its people.
  • Xceed your expectation by using our experience to ensure the final solution is the best for you.

Gradient’s methodology flows through five project phases (Pre-Design, Design, Build, Pilot and Deploy), with each comprising of a number of elements and deliverables.

apex phase diagram

This approach has been used successfully across a broad range of businesses to implement Syteline and we believe provides the right level of engagement, traceability and process enhancement, whilst involving your team in the project throughout.


Why does our methodology differ from others?

There are many methodologies out there, so what differentiates our methodology from those others? One of the main aspects is that our APEX methodology involves a Pre-Design phase. During this first stage, we take great care in building a full understanding of your business by analysing your current business processes (or the “as-is”), current system setup, data and central functions. Only by understanding where you are today, can we properly identify the gaps, opportunities and risks specific to your business.

We provide these by way of clear reports, and workflows where relevant, and ask you to confirm we’ve understood you before we proceed to the next phase.  This early step reduces project risk, helps us get to know you better and most importantly ensures the scope of the implementation is clear.

If you’re about to embark on a SyteLine related project, or if you have any questions or queries, then why not get in touch with us today to see how we can support you to achieve your final goal?