SyteLine Implementation Project

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The Client

HARMAN technology Limited was formed in 2005 by former managers of ILFORD Imaging UK Limited. It took the name from Alfred Hugh Harman who founded the original ILFORD company in 1879. At the same time the company acquired the facilities in Cheshire, England, where ILFORD photographic products have been designed and manufactured for many years.

Harman identified that their current ERP system, BPCS, and working practices were not utilising best practice or could meet their growth plans. BPCS was also an end-of-life product with limited support. In addition there was a heavy reliance on bespoke functions with BPCS as well as numerous Microsoft Access database and Excel spreadsheets. Harman prepared a comprehensive list of their requirements from a new ERP system and issued a Request for Information to several ERP vendors.

The Problem

Whilst at a functional level, Harman had a lot of experience, they realised they had little knowledge of how to approach an ERP implementation project and especially given their desire for business transformation. Having carried out an extensive ERP solution market review and then selected the most appropriate system, they appointed a full-time Project Manager to work with the Gradient Consulting team to ensure a successful implementation.

The Solution

Harman chose Infor’s SyteLine solution and Infor then asked Gradient to lead the implementation project, working closely with Harman’s Project Manager and internal teams. The project began in October 2019 and the system went live in October 2021, after some delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What the Client Says

ERP Projects are difficult and partnerships are critical to ensure good delivery. Gradient became part of our own team, helping us understand the intricacies of a new system, and also asking the right questions of the vendor, Infor, at the right time in the right way. The implementation project was a success, with a very smooth live switch over, but it doesn’t end there. We continue to work with Gradient to get the very best out of our ERP system and make sure our business intelligence is as good as it needs to be for the future needs of the company. Thank you.

Greg Summers, Managing Director, Harman Technology


  • Gradient Consultants carried out a number of “Pre-Design” discovery visits to understand how Harman worked with their current system.
  • A detailed Design Report was delivered to reflect how SyteLine would be configured to support current processes as well as close identified gap.
  • The Harman project team of key users underwent extensive training, with Gradient guiding them through the way SyteLine works, with all sessions recorded in order to allow users to revisit the details if required.
  • A structured user acceptance test was then carried out with remote support from Gradient which not only tested the delivered system but also gave Harman a deeper understanding of how SyteLine works.
  • Volumes of data to be migrated were high and Gradient created a number of data trackers and scripts in order to support this transfer from old to new.
  • Live cutover took place over a weekend with Gradient consultants on site to give first line support where needed.


  • There is now one single solution with the removal of several disparate systems and databases

  • Planning and forecasting is no longer carried out on spreadsheets and the Harman team are now seeing real benefits from how SyteLine supports this to make best use of resources to meet customer demand

  • Simple processes such as the authorisation of purchase requisition and orders is now automated, allowing much better governance of expenditure than previously

  • Gradient’s implementation of the Infor Document Management (IDM) has meant many SyteLine generated documents are stored within the solution rather than relying on file shares and/or SharePoint

  • The Plant Maintenance module within SyteLine is giving Harman a much more pre-emptive approach to scheduling of maintenance activities, thus giving cost savings

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