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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Corporate Social Responsibility – What Does it Mean For You? Corporate Social Responsibility is a business concept enabling companies to give back to the community on a local and global scale, make a positive difference and shape their brand. Find out if your business is socially responsible.

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Security and GDPR concerns when working from home


Many of us are getting used to a different way of working right now, which may be here for some time to come! In this blog, we want to look at how we need to think about security and GDPR now that so many of us are working from home. This is not just something

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Our Charity of the Year: Emmaus Burnley


Charity of the Year. We are grateful to be working with a social enterprise that offers support to people who have experienced homelessness. Find out how we are working to increase our positive social impact in the local area and beyond.

Our Charity of the Year: Emmaus Burnley2023-02-15T11:28:28+00:00
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