Emerge strong post

Gradient Consulting launches a ‘spring clean’ service guaranteed to provide actionable information on how to ensure everything works at an optimal efficiency level for when productivity increases again.

Spring is a time of year when the sun starts to shine, and the weather improves – it is a hopeful season. For your business, a time for transformation and change, and the perfect time for a spring clean to help you emerge stronger!

A global pandemic is keeping many of us distanced from life as we know it, questioning what a new ‘normal’ looks like. What we want you to do is consider how you can get your business in a position to emerge from this stronger than before. Take advantage of this opportunity to re-align business processes, remove workarounds and unnecessary costs associated with other inefficiencies.

Do I need this service?

An ERP system is a critical piece of business software used by organisations to manage business functions through a centralised, integrated system. Overall business objectives can be managed and achieved through ERP functions. If your system is in tiptop condition, you will relate to the statements below:

  • Staff do not use excess spreadsheets and workarounds
  • Information is shared seamlessly amongst my teams. Nobody complains of multiple systems making it difficult to locate the correct documents or information
  • My business always runs at optimal performance
  • We understand and can meet our customers’ needs both effectively and efficiently
  • The business is sharp and on par or ahead of the competition

We guess that you didn’t relate entirely to each statement. Don’t worry though that is what we are here for – to help you achieve whatever business goals you want to.

What do I need to do to get the ball rolling?

There is no pressure as little input is required from you, and we will be providing this service remotely. Initially, a conversation with us to discuss what can be done, followed by conversations between us and appropriate business leads. After this, all we need is remote access to the system and any spreadsheets and databases. We will complete the audit within an agreed short timescale, then submit and discuss our findings and the best ways forward, with you. Let us know that you are ready to start today!

If you’re not convinced, here are some other reasons to contemplate a system review:

  • A great chance to review business processes and ways of working, ensuring that during this challenging time, you survive and thrive opposed to struggle and strive.

  • Validating overall business objectives will make you look at how you go about achieving them. What strategy has worked previously, and what works less well? As a means to hit targets and objectives; maybe now is the time for a refresh.

  • Support your team by asking them if they get what they need from your system. You may be surprised how beneficial these staff check-ins could be. Your employees will feel their feedback is valued and equally, you receive improvement suggestions from those using the system. Win-win right?

  • There is a strand of thought to suggest that client feedback concerning your products and services offers insight you can’t really get anywhere else. Although your customers won’t know there is a potential problem with the system, their feedback may help you pinpoint a problem in the back end.

Your company chose to make a smart investment with an ERP system once before, so we are encouraging it to do that once more. Contact us today to execute an excellent, efficient alignment project without fuss that delivers real value.