Around six months ago we officially launched our Help Desk, so we thought it was about time that we let you know how the last few months have gone and give you a progress update.


Why did we start our Help Desk?

Our idea at the start of the Help Desk project was to fill a perceived gap in the market. We wanted to be able to offer a service for Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial users who needed that extra bit of support. Particularly those who do not have a large IT team who would be able to support users within their business.

With any business, there are always going to be new starters or new modules added which means there is a need for some education or a deeper level of support that is easily accessible. We also wanted to make sure that our clients felt like they were being supported by a team that really understood their business.

This is where we positioned our service.


What did we want to achieve?

It was critical that we made it easy to use. After all, no one wants to be stuck in some complex ticket logging process when all they really want is some assistance for a problem that may take five minutes to answer!

We also wanted our clients to feel that they could ask us anything, even the questions that may be time-sensitive, such as why will my order not ship, right through to questions around functionality in modules such as Factory Track, APS and IDM.

Ultimately this led us to choose Zoho Desk for its ease of use and we are still really happy with that choice. They have since been featured in a Gartner magic quadrant for CRM, and we can see why!

It really is incredibly easy to log a ticket, you can do so via a portal, by email or even call us on our dedicated Help Desk number. The tickets are then easy to update and it’s easy to track the progress of your issue if it takes a little longer to resolve.

We also wanted to create a knowledge base facility which would be full of useful articles which would encourage our clients to be able to help themselves.

So far we’ve had some brilliant feedback from all the clients who have used this service. We tested the service before we launched and we have been able to build on the feedback that our beta testers gave us.

All in all, we feel pretty confident that we have achieved everything that was on our list!


What have we learned?

Tuesdays are our busiest day, closely followed by Friday afternoons.

Of course, many manufacturing companies finish early on a Friday so we can understand some of why that is so busy.

But it seems to be that if ever there is going to be a day with a lot of tickets, then it’s a Tuesday! Quite why that is, we are not so sure. We would have expected Mondays to be our busiest day. However, this really does go to prove that no matter how much you model a service, real-life use cases are going to give you so much more data.

We have also seen that our team of consultants are great at supporting our clients. They already have good knowledge of the businesses they support, as we have usually worked on a project with them. This means that we understand what issues are going to be a priority for that particular business.


What comes next?

But we are definitely not ones to rest on our laurels, therefore we are constantly looking at how we can improve. So because of the increase in use, we’re also welcoming a new member of staff to our team who will be dedicated to making our Help Desk service even better!

We will be introducing him soon, so make sure you keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page for the announcement.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some extra support when it comes to SyteLine, why not get in touch? We can talk you through what our Help Desk service could do for you!