This month we’re continuing our look at Infor OS and moving on to the product you are probably most familiar with, Infor Mongoose.

SyteLine is built on the Mongoose framework, so you already use it daily! 

In this blog, we’ll look at the five things you need to know about Infor Mongoose

But before we get into the main five points, perhaps it’s worth explaining what Mongoose is!

The easiest way to think of Mongoose is that it’s an application development layer that sits between the databases and the applications which are written within it. 

So, for example, if you’re a SyteLine user and you strip out all the forms that make the ERP, such as Customer Orders and Purchase Orders etc, you’d be left with Mongoose. This would include reporting, Application Event System and forms such as Background Task Manager, Users, BOD Replication etc. 

Let’s move on to the important things you need to know…


Mongoose is quick and easy

One of the best things about Infor Mongoose is its easy use. This ease means that you can develop applications quickly and simply. There is no need for extensive coding skills either. 


Mongoose apps are easily used on mobile, desktops or tablets

Any app you build will be automatically optimised to run on different devices, making it incredibly flexible. This flexibility shortens the time to deploy as there is no need to make changes to suit different screen sizes, etc. 


You can build anything from small apps to a full ERP

Infor Mongoose is easily scalable. This ability means it really can grow with you as your business needs change. 


Automations are easy

Using the application event system, you can create workflows and automation with a simple to use interface. So, for example, you can build a workflow/automation which notifies a user when a PO is over a certain amount. 


Mongoose apps can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud

Because the architecture in both cloud and on-premise is the same, one app could be deployed in different ways if needed. 

There are many more advantages, but we think that these 5 are the top reasons why any business should look to make use of Infor Mongoose if they need to create personalisations or some custom-built apps for your business. 


So what else makes Mongoose a good choice? 

We couldn’t limit this to just five things, especially as Mongoose is such a rich development platform!

Because this is part of Infor OS, you don’t actually need SyteLine or CloudSuite Industrial to use it. It can sit over any other CloudSuite application. Several different Infor M3 customers have used it to create small apps that extend the functionality of M3. So whilst it’s not a direct replacement for Mashups, it can develop extensions to what is already available within the ERP.

There is also reporting functionality which enables you to create custom reports too. If you are developing applications to pull data from multiple sources, you can create custom reports to run over that data. 

Infor Mongoose has been within SyteLine for a long time, so there is a rich functional heritage behind this product. In addition, the team developing the product has also been part of Infor for a long time, so they understand what businesses need when it comes to extensibility tooling.

Finally, the most interesting fact? Infor Mongoose has that name because its predecessor was called Rattlesnake. Mongooses eat rattlesnakes!

If you want to learn more about how Mongoose could work for you, please get in touch. We’d be happy to talk through how this could work for you and your business.