Did you see the announcement from Infor before Christmas? We wanted to remind you of the recent announcement about the support of the on-premises version of Infor OS.

As a SyteLine user, if this announcement affects you, we want to ensure you know of all available options.

The two options available to you are

If you are on active maintenance, you can choose to exchange your licences for a new On-Prem product called LTR (Local Technology Runtime)


You can access a new MT Infor OS tier, enabling you to bridge the gap between OP and MT, where you need a more hybrid solution.

Infor is anticipating a transition phase until the end of 2023. This means that either license type will still be available, but once the LTR is available at the start of 2024, this will be the preferred choice.

We appreciate that this is a lot to take in and may mean some detailed considerations for you and your business.

Infor has released KB2318356, which covers this topic. However, in light of this, we’re encouraging everyone to contact us to discuss what this means for you.