Adrian, one of our newer members of the team, joined us after looking for work in 2020 which wasn’t anything like he had planned!

But don’t worry, this really does have a happy ending.


Happy New Year, or is it?

2020 is off to a rocky start as I have ended the previous year extremely ill, but also questioning whether “I’m making a valid contribution with my current employer?”.

Subsequently, the answer was “No” and we both agreed to part ways a month later. The not knowing what was around the corner in terms of an unstable job market and the unforeseen impact on the world we live in was not something I expected to be thinking about.

On reflection, my illness could have been Corona Virus but at that stage, we were not yet in panic mode, so I just put it down to very bad flu.

Anyway, I dusted off the CV, got it circulated and quickly received many positive responses which lead to 1st stage interviews.


February Fortunes

Moving into late February and we’re all becoming more aware of the seriousness behind the virus, foolishly assuming it would be contained at the alleged source in Wuhan, China.

The employment landscape was also changing as I started receiving 2nd and 3rd stage interviews all by phone. Most folks are becoming more cautious regarding travelling and Contact. Added to that, I’ve noticed a downturn in tempo and format of discussions with potential employers, which shifted to the point where I now feel back at the recruitment selection stage.

March Madness

March arrives and we are officially in a “global pandemic”. Images like the above combined with statistics and graphics dominate all media formats and it’s time for our 1st lockdown. Discussions have fallen off without any further contact (rude) and I’m now down to only 2 job opportunities – of which Gradient Consulting are the only people keeping me informed.

My 2nd opportunity finally returns with more questions but no follow up actions and this makes my decision much easier.

So, I’ve agreed to join Gradient Consulting but there is a twist in the plot as the timing is not right to move forward.

However, we had a very open and honest discussion, and I was given assurances that I am still wanted by the organisation, but it was understood I may decide to move on due to circumstances.

Gradient Returns

After a few months of looking at the walls and considering a return to self-employment, I receive a call in July and we were able to quickly reach an agreement to start my new role in August.

Bearing in mind all meetings and discussions were conducted remotely up to this point, I’m now eagerly looking forward to getting out of the house and fully prepared to reacquaint myself with traffic jams, just to meet my new colleagues in a new location. This did not materialise so I had to meet everyone via video calls. Microsoft Teams becomes our main communication tool providing us with a slim familiarity of what it would be like back in the office.

As I’ve previously been in organisations where inductions or introductions were not arranged for new team members, I felt comfortable reaching out to my new colleagues, trying to build up my own internal network after initial introductions.

I knew I had made the right decision to join Gradient long before my probation period was completed when I got the nickname “Dr K”. I won’t explain but the guilty ones know who they are…😉.

This proved that my colleagues were comfortable with my presence, allowing me to also approach them for any support I needed (which I still do quite frequently).


Part of a strong team

Although we’ve been in and out of furlough, I’m still enjoying all the challenges of Project Management with a really strong consulting team. In many situations encountered we’ve been able to challenge, discuss and resolve any issues internally before presenting the resolution to the customer, which is an extremely powerful Gradient work ethic.

Due to lockdown we’re all restricted and our normal routines have been turned upside down. As a sports fan I’m catching up on lots but there is only so much TV you can watch.

So a few people know that I’ve decided to embrace something that I’ve always wanted to do and learn to play the Bass. I figured my exposure to music as a DJ would be an advantage, but I still need to work on the basics.

The pressure is on now as I’ve made this public, so hopefully, by the time we put COVID-19 behind us, I’ll be able to string a song together for a selected audience!


You’re not on your own

I’m quite certain the above experience seems familiar to many of us during these “unprecedented times” (just had to crowbar that one in🙈).

I relied heavily on family, friends and colleagues sometimes reaching out on a daily basis just for a chat, a laugh or to share frustrations. Also got back on Twitter just to see how others are coping with the situation.

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