Celebrating Gradient’s birthday

Three weeks ago, we had our family fun day at Mythe Farm, in the Midlands, where the whole of the Gradient family came together to celebrate 25 years of Gradient. 

We had a great day with activities such as Volleyball, Archery, a very animated table football game between Manchester United and Manchester City and the now infamous Family Fortunes!

Perhaps the highlight of the day was raising over £3700 for Emmaus, who we have been working with for some time. 

The original idea was to sponsor the three directors, the one with the least cash was heading for a barrage of wet sponges whilst being in the stocks. However, at the last minute all three, Steff, Mike and Lesley decided to face the sponges together. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to our fundraiser and also to everyone who came to celebrate the day with us. 

It’s a shame we can’t do this every weekend!