Have you ever wondered what it is like working with us or what makes us different?

This month, one of our directors, Lesley, is looking at what Gradient does and why we believe we are a great team to work with. Over to Lesley… The other day I was asked what Gradient consulting does! So, after thinking about it, I summarised what we do best and why it works so well for all our clients.



So, let’s start with the basics. We implement Infor SyteLine. As a Gold Partner for Infor, we sell all aspects of the software and associated services and can demonstrate the system if needed. Being a Gold Partner means our clients are assured of an excellent standard of service.


SyteLine Implementations

We then offer an implementation using our methodology, “APEX” this is a five-phased approach where we tailor the system to ensure we get the best out of the software and help eliminate any pinch points. All our consultants and project managers use the same methodology.

We make sure that we all pull in the same direction and become a trusted and valued part of the client’s team to ensure the system is a successful addition to their company.

We don’t have to implement all SyteLine modules at once. If you’re looking for a phased approach because of time constraints, for example, then we can support you with that. We can also implement extra modules as and when you decide you need them.


SyteLine Upgrades

If our clients are on an old version of SyteLine and want to upgrade, we help them put a plan together and hold their hand through the process. Training them on new functionality, recommending how to cleanse their data.

This close relationship is incredibly important. Not only does it ensure that things go smoothly, but it also means that we build lasting relationships with our clients. Many return to work with us on future projects or continue using our services.


Help Desk

This is one of our most significant selling points. Instead of leaving a client to their own devices after an implementation or upgrade, we offer a Help Desk service to ensure the continuity and assistance continue throughout their SyteLine journey. We believe this is a real bonus!

We encourage our clients to ask as many questions as they want or need. This helps a lot when staff members are on holiday or maternity leave or if there have been some changes in the organisation.


Consulting Services

We offer Ad hoc consulting courses on all areas of the system to any SyteLine users. We target all our courses to ensure the clients get the best results in the specific area. In addition, all our consultants get dedicated development days to ensure our skills are always up to date.

The consulting team also offer a Spring Clean on your system. We will come in and review all areas of your system, provide a report on any concerns we find, and then help you fix them if you want.


Technical Team

Our Technical Team have been fully trained by Infor and can develop any modifications needed, whether on-premise or in the cloud. They have over 15 years of experience in this area. So, whether you need a workflow using Mingle and ION or a full code-modified development, they have the skills to help you succeed.


My conclusion was that we could help with anything SyteLine. Our highly experienced consultants ensure you get the most value out of your system!


If you’re looking for extra support or want to learn more about how we can help your business, please get in touch with us.