If your spreadsheets, operating system or existing ERP software no longer fit the bill, you’ll need to consider a change sooner rather than later.

We’ve called on our expertise and vast amounts of experience to provide you with this short yet essential guide. Here we have summarised vital points for you to consider when deciding on which ERP software is best for your business. We don’t underestimate the investment you plan to make, and we’re not just talking the monetary value. Check out what we consider necessary points when choosing a vendor to work with, these points will help the earlier steps of your ERP journey run as smoothly as possible.

Understand your needs

Think about what you want the software to do for you, your employees and your business. Some features may take higher priority over others.


Don’t let limited software capabilities hold you back. Make a smart investment in the right package from the beginning. Ensure that your ERP choice can handle changes that come with company growth.


When you have a shortlist of vendors, ask to try out the programs! Consider the usability and features, which will help you make an informed decision of what is on offer.


Mobile devices are everywhere, and their use should be incorporated into your ERP system. Allow employees, especially those field-based to access information from anywhere, at anytime.


A huge business transition is bound to shake things up. Remember that your business is built on a core set of technologies and new software should seamlessly fit with your existing apps and machinery. This is crucial to project success.


A software vendor should provide you with testimonials and case studies to which you can relate. No two businesses are the same. However, it would be useful to see how the software has benefited another company like your own.

Agree on a budget

Evaluate the importance of each business process and how much revenue you will save or earn using the new software. Doing so will give you an idea when choosing what you are willing to spend. Be forewarned that ERP projects are likely to go over budget if all considerations aren’t acknowledged from the outset.



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