Do you make the most of automation in your business?

It sounds like it could be challenging work to achieve, but the benefits it brings can make a difference.


What are automations?


The first thing to say is that many different words are used to describe the same thing!

So, some people talk about automation, some about workflows, and some about events. It depends on what software you are using as to what the name is. Confusing, we know.

However, in SyteLine, we talk about the Application Event System and Event Handlers; in ION, they are workflows.


What can they do?


We often talk about the classic example of Purchase Authorisation, and we will use that example shortly! However, there are many more examples of things you can turn into a workflow.

So, for example, with Sales Orders, you can set up a workflow that will email a sales manager if someone tries to put on an order over a specific value. They would then need to authorise the order before it is released to be processed and dispatched.

That is a simple example, but you can get much more complex if your business requires it.


What is the point of using it?


Quite simply, it means that you don’t miss things!

If you rely on manual processes, numerous bits of paperwork changing hands, or emails that may be missed, then looking at putting a workflow around that process will help.

There is also the option for escalations; for example, if our sales order is not approved after a specific time, it can be ‘escalated’ to a different person to authorise. This is perfect for things like holidays or sickness.

Another advantage of workflows is that you need to think about your business processes in order to create a workflow. The side effect of this is that you may discover you have been overcomplicating things.

We often find that people get into the habit of doing things a certain way. That is human nature, and there is nothing wrong with this; however, sometimes, this could do your business more harm than good.

So, by sitting down and working out what you ‘actually’ do rather than what you ‘think’ you do, you can often be surprised and make some efficiencies in your business!


What about if we use more than one piece of software?


If you are using more than one connected piece of Infor software, you can also create workflows in ION. This allows you to make the same type of automations, but you can pass information across different applications.


What is ION?


ION is an acronym for Intelligent Open Network. ION is a back-office Technology that enables integration and automation within the INFOR Operating System.


What can it do for me?


Imagine all the manual paperwork processes you use day to day in your business. INFOR ION Workflows aim to eliminate as many of these manual processes as possible and automate your processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


How easily can I build a Workflow?


A great example where a new Workflow could be applied to an existing manual Business Process is for Purchase Order Requisition Approvals.

Using the ION Desk smart interface, a workflow that includes tasks for users to approve a purchase order can be quickly built using drag-and-drop components.


Image of ION process worflows


Appropriate users in a chain can be notified with a Mingle Notification in their application ‘Inbox’.

The best thing about INFOR ION Workflows is that whether you are in the Cloud or on Premise, if you purchased your license within the last five years, you already have access to all the functionality you need.

With some training and a little imagination, you can start creating your own Workflows in no time.

We hope this has given you some ideas of what you could achieve. If you are looking for more advice or support, please get in touch and ask how we can help you start your journey with ION Workflows and Notifications.