ERP Latest News

ERP Latest News

We are here to provide you with the latest ERP news, knowledge and resources to support you on your journey. Whether you are a professional or a novice in the subject, maybe you’ve landed on this page and never heard the term before. Whoever you are, we want you to see and understand the value of investing in business information systems, which is the reason we have grouped these posts together.

You may notice that there is a focus on core industries such as Manufacturing. However, we can work with many different trades. Our client page goes into more detail, take a look.

Meet our fantastic team: Mark McArdle


Do you want to know more about our team? This month we're talking to our Technical Manager, Mark. Read on to find out why he gets up really early, what he did before he worked with Gradient, and also what is his favourite film...

Meet our fantastic team: Mark McArdle2024-03-21T12:08:45+00:00

Inspired collaboration


Collaboration is king at Gradient! Even more so when it leads to the development of a new product like our SyteLine Cashflow Add-In. Read on to find out more about how this product came to life.

Inspired collaboration2024-02-21T16:00:52+00:00

Our top three highlights of 2023


How was your 2023? For some businesses it was hard, but we decided early on that we'd put things in place that would make our future years even stronger than ever! In this blog find out what we did.

Our top three highlights of 20232024-01-23T15:21:08+00:00

A perfect day for a consultant?


Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a consultant is like? This month Eva, our Senior Consultant, gives us an overview of what a day can look like for one of our consultants.

A perfect day for a consultant?2023-11-19T12:51:26+00:00

Aerospace Industry Insight: 3 Key Things to Know


Do you want to get into the Aerospace supply chain? This month we're kicking off a series of blogs about how SyteLine can support you if you're looking at becoming, or are already part of, the aerospace and defence supply chain. We're starting off with a quick overview to get you started!

Aerospace Industry Insight: 3 Key Things to Know2023-11-07T09:47:07+00:00

APS – Our 5 Top Tips


SyteLine APS is a really powerful tool and we love talking about it! This month Guy looks at his top five tips for how you can make APS run just that little bit more smoothly for you.

APS – Our 5 Top Tips2023-11-07T09:43:29+00:00

Where is UK Manufacturing now?


We're just over half way through 2023! In some reports we're hearing that UK manufacturing is still struggling, but we're choosing to be positive. There are signs of growth if you know where to look. In this blog we look at what we've seen recently.

Where is UK Manufacturing now?2023-07-18T08:13:18+01:00
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