We’ve been talking more over on our LinkedIn page about our involvement with the SyteLine User Group here in the UK.

We were proud to be platinum sponsors of the recent user conference in May and we regularly attend events and give presentations. So as you can see, we’re fans of the user group! 

In the blog, we look at why we feel this membership is worth its weight in gold and what benefits you could get from being a member. 

What is the SyteLine User Group

If you’re not a member, we’ll start with a bit of history so you can see what it’s about. The SyteLine User Group is an independent not-for-profit organisation. It aims to connect, educate, and provide a network for its members from the UK or Europe. The membership is varied, with Infor also having a presence; it helps the members keep up to date with new functionality and allows the SUG to have a say on what happens in the software; more on that later! The group provides a link between Infor and the users, which differs from working with Infor consultants or the support desk. It’s much more about building a network and strengthening relationships. 


A big part of the user groups is the events run across the year. They have several coffee morning events, educational webinars and, of course, the highlight, which are the conferences. These user group meetings are usually full-day events, where businesses that use SyteLine can connect with others like them, but also consultants and Infor representatives too.  

The spring conference, held in May, was the first live event that had run for some time, so we were sure that we were not the only ones looking forward to this one! 

The webinars have varied themes and can be incredibly helpful for a specific piece of functionality within SyteLine or an add-on product. These webinars are often delivered by people who have a thorough understanding, with questions and answer sessions at the end. They’re a great informal way to learn more about products or functionality. 

We recently delivered sessions talking about making the best use of the Quality module in SyteLine and using IDM (Infor Document Management). We also held a session at the spring conference looking at unravelling the mysteries of variances in standard costing. 

As you can see, the sessions are varied, and that’s just the ones delivered by us!



A big part of what the user group does is vote on enhancement requests. As with any software, there is functionality that would be ‘nice to have’ in the product. Of course, not all of these can make it through to a new version of SyteLine, but there is a chance to have some influence on the process. The User Group votes on enhancements raised in the enhancement request system to decide which ones will make it through to a future release of SyteLine (or not). 

Why are we members? 

We are members and partners because many of us have worked out in industry and understand how much a community like the User Group can support people. Not only does the SUG have events, but they also have a community on LinkedIn where people often ask questions.  Many great business relationships have developed by being part of this group. 

Peer support is incredibly powerful. Sometimes just being able to ask someone else if they’ve experienced a similar issue or how they have approached a particular problem. 

If you are thinking about registering to join the User Group, follow the link here to find out more.

We hope to see you at an event soon!