A roadmap forms the basis for strategic thinking.

Roadmapping is a process which enables a team to explore a topic, defining where they are now, where they want to be and how they plan to get there. Throughout the process, you can expect to form a project plan which will answer key elements about the task at hand. Questions such as:

  • Why do we need to take action?
  • What are we going to do?
  • What are the requirements and scope of the project?
  • How should we approach this?
  • Do we have a deadline or ETA?

Roadmaps are not lists, they require much more detail to answer the critical questions that come along with any type of project. The process involves gathering key executives, together with their expertise to map out the future of the chosen subject matter. The purpose is to come together as a unit to create a visual representation of what they see happening. Individuals have the chance to collaborate together and understand what is expected of them.

A roadmapping workshop can be completed in as little as a day, which you may find is time well spent in the long run. Good teamwork and communication, whether that be internally or externally led, are integral to the process. You can expect to forecast the elements needed to address future needs or market demands.

What are the different kinds of roadmaps?

  • Product development
  • Project
  • Change
  • Innovation
  • Functional strategy
  • Organisational strategy
  • Technological
  • Functional department (HR, Sales, Customer Experience)


  • A clear view – You and the rest of the team will walk away knowing what the desired outcome of the project is.
  • Allocation of resources – By setting time aside to focus on the company’s primary objectives, the roadmap will aid you in planning for various projects and the resources required.
  • A shared common goal – Taking time to map out a strategic plan with SMART objectives will ensure everyone is on the same page and is aware of what is expected. The team will also have a benchmark to measure their efforts.
  • Leadership buy-in – Roadmapping will give you an opportunity to achieve executive buy-in prior to making critical decisions on a project. In turn, there is lower risk and the potential for higher ROI.

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